6 months ago

graphics example from all teams...... I am missing 5 out of 7

Hello all, 

    most of us have been very very busy with the ADASS meeting since Sunday at 1pm, and I suddenly realize that no graphics are on the submission pages, or at least that I can see :-( :-( :-(  

Two of you have sent me a nice representative jpg of the product.   Is it possible for the  others to send me one before 11am tomorrow, as I'd like to discuss and present those at ADASS !!!!

send it to teuben@gmail.com  please

- peter

7 months ago

your snazzy JPG/PNG slide

It's very important that each team uploads a snazzy graphic that we use a hook.

Maybe give your team a name or the hack a name, and you can put that somewhere on the slide. We are likely to use this during the Wednesday presentation at ADASS and it's also a good for the judges during their diliberations.

I have not done an upload, so I will try one myself.

7 months ago

Sunday morning schedule

The schedule for Sunday morning is roughly as follows:

9am     doors will be open (maybe even a little earlier), go hack!

            fresh vigilante coffee, and some assorted snacks via ASCL

10.30    judges arrive for instructions (we seem to have 6)

11.00    deadline for submission of your single PNG/JPG graphic via devpost

             One of each team should give a hack name / team name.

11.01    introduction of final presentations. Each group talks for up to 5 minutes.

             Slides optional.…

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7 months ago

getting ready for the hackathon this weekend!

Hello everyone,

Here is my first posting to all of you that registered to come this Saturday. Please try and be on time, 9am. Campus buildings are closed on weekend, but the lobby is a glass enclosure, and simply knocking on the glass will alert anybody to open the door for you. Parking in the Regents Drive Garage across from the Physical Sciences Complex (PSC) is free, but be sure to park in an unmetered space.   Parking meters are still enforced on weekends. 

We will need procedures to exit and re-enter the building, but for now my phone number…

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